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Welcome to The Corvette Club of Orlando! 
Welcome to The Corvette Club of Orlando!

The Gang on a Saint Johns River Cruise - February 2018

As the Most Active Corvette Club in Central Florida, welcome to our website! An Orlando tradition for twenty-five years, our mission has been simple: "Friendship, Family, Fun."  We are owners of classic Corvettes from the '50's to the ultra modern C7 of today!  But, most of all, CCO is a social organization that enjoys fellowship, road-trips, car shows, special activities & events and we have a common bond of support for the communities we live, work and raise our families in.  We are friends that have Breakfast together nearly every Saturday and we meet once a month for Dinner and Business.  This Website serves our members as a portal for club news and information and also features our valued sponsors prominently.  If you own a Corvette, come on in, check us out.  If you live in the Central Florida area, find out more about membership opportunities here.  Thank you for visiting the Corvette Club of Orlando!

Visit our Monthly Meeting Schedule Page     Visit our Weekly Breakfast Schedule Page

Please Visit our CCO Facebook Group Page for Current and Past Event Photos and Discussion!
Anyone can View - CCO Members Only Post Photos and Comment   

 Notes and News 
CCO's Annual Christmas Holidays Party
CCO's Annual Christmas Holidays Party

Tuskawilla Country Club, Friday December 8, 2017 - On this Friday evening, an estimated 90 CCO members gathered for fellowship, dining, dancing, a little recognition and some Cactus Jack & the Cadillacs Live Music - and what a night it was!?!  

As we arrived, Christmas gifts donated to Central Florida's Baby DJ program were stacked high around the party Christmas Tree.  We send out a special thanks to CCO's Lee Chadbourne and Joe Stoddard for helping to coordinate this giving effort! 

The "Full open bar" opened right on schedule and beverages flowed...  We helped ourselves to a selection of hors d'oeuvres and got the night started.  Soon Mike was making opening remarks and announcements, recoginzing guests and calling members forward to recognize extra effort with events and homecoming fundraising during 2017.  Our Corvette of the Year was announced (see elsewhere on our home page) and then dinner was served.  Soon thereafter, our special guests, Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs kicked off the music and dancing segment of the evening with live tunes from the real Rock & Roll era we all love!!!

Based on the enthusiastic participation of our group, it was obvious CCO loves to dance.  See our CCO Facebook Group Page for more photos and remarks submitted by our membership. 

A big "Thank You" goes out to our "Prez" Mike for his efforts to make this event a classic CCO event.

We wish all our members and families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Cactus Jack & his crew in their Santa Hats playing the 60's - 80's all night long! 

CCO Announces 2017 Corvette of the Year
CCO Announces 2017 Corvette of the Year

CCO's 2017 Corvette of the Year - 2015 Z06 Roadster

Tuskawilla Country Club - Friday, December 8, 2017 - For the second time in six years of annual competition for this award, CCO members Nick and Pat Francoforte have accomplished the unimaginable feat of winning Corvette of the Year.  During the presentations portion of our annual Christmas Holidays party, Howard made the announcement.  During a round of applause, an excited Nick came to the front, took the microphone from HB, thanked the group and shared more than a little Z06 love with us all.  Congratulations to Nick and Pat once again on winning that really cool Corvette of the Year award! 

Stay tuned in 2018 for announcements regarding the continuation of, or changes to, the Corvette of the Quarter and Corvette of the Year recognition program.

Click Here to view our 2017 Corvette of the Year Page.   Click Here for more info on all our past Corvette of the Quarter Honorees. 

2018 CCO Board Positions Decided
2018 CCO Board Positions Decided

Gators Dockside, Ocoee - November 15, 2017 - CCO 2018 Board of Directors was officially announced at our November meeting of the membership.  Voting was not required as there were no run-offs on the ticket.  Earlier, VP of Activities Ed Merchut, Secretary El Craig and VP Media and Public Relations Howard Brown and, President Mike Nostro had announced their intentions to not seek another year in office.  Candidates surfaced among the membership for all but the President's slot. 

During the November meeting Mike Nostro announced he'd agreed to another term.  Further, Mike explained that beginning in 2018 and going forward each November, if the existing president chooses not to seek another term, the existing board of directors at that time, must determine among themselves, a successor to the presidency from within their ranks.  All 2018 board members and any who may follow must agree in principle to this process. 

Mike asked his 2018 Board of Directors to come forward and be formally introduced to the membership and we welcomed the following members into leadership:  Lori Pollock - Secretary - 2018.  Ron Larmore - VP of Activities - 2018.  VP of Media and Public Relations - Lee Chadbourne - 2018.  Continuing Leadership in 2018, we welcomed to another year:  VP Fundraising and Special Projects - Jim 'Breeze'  Brienza, Treasurer - Susan King, Membership and NCM Ambassador - Lloyd Johnson, and of course, President - Mike Nostro.

Over the years CCO's people have enjoyed the benefits of membership in a well respected, community responsible, friendly and Corvette Hobby focused organization.  These traits require imaginative, dedicated, hardworking and fun loving leadership.  We believe that our social club attracts some of the finest people that live, work and raise their families in Central Florida.  We live in a progressive, booming mecca for business, trade, recreation and tourism, as well as one of the most sought after retirement communities in the entire country.  This environment attracts fine folk with wonderful leadership skills.  So, we will continually encourage our members to step up to a voluntary leadership role and be a part of our road trip into 2018 and beyond.  Remember, we are CCO and our mission is simple - to promote Friendship, Family and Fun!

CCO's Corvette of the Forth Quarter - 2017

Congratulations to Dave & Lori Pollock as their 2013 Torch Red Grand Sport Roadster has been selected as CCO's Corvette of the Quarter! Click the image or the link below to see Dave's BIO on this dream Corvette at our Corvette of the Quarter Gallery!

CCO Members, do you want to know more about how you can submit your Corvette for consideration?  See the Corvette of the Quarter Rules for Submission. 

CCO's 25th Anniversary Bash a Big Success!!
CCO's 25th Anniversary Bash a Big Success!!
Mike and Debbie accept CCO's thanks from Lloyd for over 15 years of Selfless service to the club.

Treasure Island — Florida, August 18-20, 2017 — Twenty Five Years!  Well folks, our year of official celebration of events has come to a conclusion.  As the eleven o’clock hour came on Saturday evening, August 19, Cactus Jack and his band rang out those last notes and Mike wished us all a safe evening and thus, kicked off CCO’s second ‘…Quarter Century of Friendship, Family, Fun…!’

What started as a dream over two years back, “Prez” Mike’s plans for three separate 25th anniversary events have finally come to pass.  In the spring, a picnic under the oaks of Deleon Springs north of Deland started the year off with barbecue and fellowship.  In June, over forty of us put on wings and landed at Secrets Silversands Riviera Maya where we soaked up five days of sun, sumptuous fare, hot and cold running libations, live entertainment, and oh, those dreamy coastal views!!  Finally, our Treasure Island resort weekend, games and banquet has taken the all-time record as our highest member attended gathering  ever — nearly one-hundred CCO’ers strong!  Click Here to Continue the Full Story and See Photos of our 25th Anniversary Celebration!!

CCO's 25th Anniversary Commemorative Tin Sign Introduced
CCO's 25th Anniversary Commemorative Tin Sign Introduced

Gators Dockside, Ocoee, Florida - At CCO's August meeting of the membership, CCO introduced our 25th Anniversary Commemorative Tin Sign.  In conjunction with the celebration of our 25th anniversary, we made the decision to put one these really cool signs in the hands of every member family at CCO as thanks for being loyal CCO members.  Howard was tasked with the job of creating the artwork and finding a vendor to produce the sign.  Starting in April, the project was finally complete and delivered in July.  The sign incorporates our special anniversary year logo and features Corvettes new in the year CCO was formed - the Torch Red 1992 C4, and new 25 in CCO's 25h year - the Watkins Glen Gray Metallic Grand Sport.  The sign makes significant use of our nation's Red, White and Blue colors and is accented by Corvette's 25th Anniversary badging.  The signs will be made available - one each, to all member families in good standing at monthly meetings between August and November, 2017. 

CCO Invades Cancún!!

Secrets Silversands Riviera Maya, Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico - June 5 - 10, 2017 - In the year 1992 two small groups of Central Florida Corvette enthusiasts came together, the intent being to organize a social club among friends all sharing the same vision: To simply have fun as a group and maybe not make everything “about the car.” In the twenty-five years that have passed, CCO members have come and gone, we’ve seen lean times and growth times and four generations of Corvette (C4, C5, C6 and C7) have rolled off the line at the Bowling Green, Kentucky assembly plant.  While so much has changed, our mission has truly remained the same — to ensure our membership enjoys a great camaraderie of Friendship, Family and Fun.  

As 2017 approached, CCO President Mike Nostro set out to plan a year with at least three events we could associate with our 25th anniversary.  First, a picnic was held at Deleon Springs in late April to kick off the summer season. The event was attended by seventy-five members who paid individually to attend and was reviewed in an earlier article (see below.)  To appropriately commemorate the year, the Board decided back in 2015 that our treasury would set aside proceeds from sponsorships and fundraising activities spanning at least two years.  It was our vision to utilize those funds to throw an unprecedented (all expenses paid by CCO's treasury) banquet party to commemorate our 25th.  The party will commence in August of this year on Florida’s Gulf Coast at the Bilmar Resort on Treasure Island.  And in-between these, the three-event plan featured our just completed, all inclusive five-day Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancún trip where forty-one CCO’ers paid individually to celebrate day into night for five days straight!  

Folks, the plan is now 2/3rds complete!  Below is a short review of CCO taking on the Riviera Maya at Secrets Silversands - Cancún, Mexico!

Secrets Silversands Riviera Maya - Cancún, Mexico (Photo courtesy of Secrets Silversands)

About twenty-nine of our forty-one total had the same travel arrangements and flew together on JetBlue Flight 1913 out of OIA on June 5th.  Our bus was there to meet us at Cancún International and quickly swept us away to Secrets Silversands where we were handed glasses of bubbly, received our resort orientation, checked in, and made our way to each of our luxurious suites.

Azure blue pools at Silversands..

While getting settled in, this CCO'er was impressed with Secrets.  Sandi and I had never experienced an all-inclusive resort such as Silversands, with it’s many sparkling blue pools, upscale luxury suites, luxurious interior public spaces and elaborate exterior designs.  The added bonus of bountiful international cuisine, unlimited bar service, Vegas-class entertainment, friendly staff and an almost endless array of amenities really has us thinking about more all-inclussives in the future! 

Mike and Nick practice relaxation techniques... No shirt, no shoes, no problem!!

Next, it was off to the main pool and it’s swim-up bar for something cool to drink and to perhaps plan on meeting up later for a small group meal or show.  After all, the intent with selecting an all-inclusive resort was so we could all enjoy a carefree five days where we were catered to, waited on and didn’t have to plan anything. 

Estephany, our Super Fun Entertainment Leader kept us laughing during pool activities!

The next five days were filled with good weather and plenty of sun with a few rain drops added in, and plenty of liquid and culinary excesses.  Seems it was a daily breakfast buffet to die for, then maybe a stroll on the beach.  Then pool time with friends — old CCO and new, made right there at the resort, and plenty of water aerobics and other water games hosted by a really fun group of Secrets Entertainment Staff to keep us all amused and exercised.  Add to this a bottomless flow of adult beverages beyond anyone's imagination, delivered to you in the pool, or to your beach or poolside recliner.  Or, how about doing boom-boom tequila shots from the swim-up bar, snacking or serious consumption of good food and more good food from eight restaurants, cafés or even a coffee bar.

Many thanks to the talented bar staff and servers!

During the week some CCO'ers went for resort spa treatments or worked on thier own private veranda suntans.  Others enjoyed their own personal recliners on high private balconies.  Some relaxed at their personal ground-floor swim-up suite veranda by gorgeous blue pools. While most stayed behind the resort gates, others ventured out to tour Riviera Maya attractions like the ancient Mayan temples, pyramids, and ballcourts of Chichén Itzá. Then later, the adventurous decended deep inside the earth, 150 feet down a circular stairway to swim in the mysterious cool waters of one of several thousand sinkholes or Cenoté's that exist in the Yucatán Penensula.  There were no excuses to have anything but a great time during daylight hours. As the sun set on Silversands, Italian, Japanese, French, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Seafood restaurants opened their doors to hungry vacationers and soon after, the show began in the theatre, where nightly Vegas style cabaret shows, cirque circus acts, and rock-and-roll musicals were enjoyed.  Heck, even an Elvis sighting happened direct from Vegas!  And later, more live music, dancing and a half dozen bars kept us happy well into the night. 

All the lights, sights and sounds of Secrets Cabaret Dancers!

All to quickly our last night became the morning of Saturday, June 10 — and goodbyes and hugs came to friends we’d made on staff, other resort guests we’d partied with and our fellow CCO’ers as we checked out, gathered for our transportation back to Cancún International and to flights back to Central Florida.  Cancún truly was a wonderful way to take it easy, celebrate twenty-five years of CCO friendship and just simply get away from it all.  

We want to recognize the hard work done by two long-time CCO’ers, member Herk Neokleous and President Mike Nostro, for doing all the preliminary research on all-inclusive resorts in Cancún, publishing plans to the membership and working with travel professionals to get this trip done.  As things turned out, Herk and Sue were unfortunately not able to make the trip.  We certainly missed them both.  We owe Mike and Herk a big “Thank You!” and a warm round of applause!!

CCO'ers and friends made in the pool participate in water aerobics!

To commemorate our Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancún adventure, we have posted several albums of photos at our Corvette Club of Orlando Facebook Group Page. And, thanks to the participation of several CCO’ers in attendance, there’s lots of shared pics and comments there for our members to enjoy.

The inviting turquoise waters and blue skies above Secrets Silversands Riviera Maya has us all wishing to return!!

Now, we eagerly await our third anniversary year event - CCO’s Official 25th Anniversary Celebration, set for August 18 - 20, 2017 at the Florida Gulf Coast Bilmar Resort - Treasure Island, Florida.  We certainly hope all our CCO members are reserved for this event.  It will be an event to remember! 

~ Editor and Contributing Photographer - Howard Brown


Derby Hat Winners Announced!
Derby Hat Winners Announced!
The Prestigious "Kellie" Award changes hands at CCO's May Monthly Meeting as Bonnie Owen presents to Carol Barrett...

Ocoee Florida - Wednesday, May 19 - As we all know, CCO will celebrate our 25th Anniversary beginning in June in Cancun and again on the Florida Gulf Coast in August.  The magnitude of these events led us to postpone by one year, a full Derby weekend normally held at the beginning of May.  So, at CCO's May Meeting of the Membership we held a short but fun Derby Hat competition.  The coveted "Kellie" was awarded to it's recipient for 2017-2018, Carol Barrett.  Sporting an incredible sequined and lime-chiffon adorned headpiece, Carol won top ladies honours among 15 strong contestants.  

'Breeze' shares the top spot again with his "Horses Ass" while Carol and "Kellie" look great together!

Unlike the multitude of likely winners in the Ladies Hats Category, the Men's Hat category only managed three entries.  When the judging started - Mike saw no point in a vote and quickly declared 'Breeze' winner.  His hat, er, helmet - and hobby-horse combo began raising eyebrows from the moment he rode into the dining room earlier that evening.  This would be Breeze's second win in as many years. Congratulations are also in order for Rena Woodley and Marjean Lawson for being selected as co-Runner Ups in the Ladies group. Later in the evening Mike let us all know that next year, we would enjoy a more traditional Kentucky Derby Party once again. Thanks go to all our participants for adding a lot of laughs to the evening and we hope the winners will proudly display their awards for the year to come

Click Here to see more photos at CCO's Facebook Group Page!

Taste of Florida Mystery Solved..!
Taste of Florida Mystery Solved..!

Mount Dora, Florida - May 6, 2017 - This morning CCO meets at the Racetrac station on 441 at Wolf Branch for another day of Friendship, Family and Fun.  We've seen a 'mysterious' teaser shot of the menu at the other end of our Taste of Florida Mystery Drive, but no one knows for sure where we are headed.  At 9:30 nearly 30 Corvettes head out for a leasurely drive through Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties with one pitstop in South Ocala.  There, we were handed our final turn-by-turn instructions and advised to look for "stacks of barrels on the right" at the end of our journey.  Mystery solved!  Turns out it's Whispering Oaks Winery in ultra rural Oxford, Florida.  Welcoming CCO with warm greetings and big smiles, the staff at Whispering Oaks sat us at several tables on their large shaded back veranda complete with a huge waterfall-fed koi pool, a large brick oven/BBQ and scenic views of Whispering Oaks' wooded grounds and blackberry orchards. Soon, we were ordering tasting flights of blackberry based wines, flatbreads and other light bites.  Sampling excellent blueberry wines (YUM!) kept us busy until it was time to leave our tables for an interesting orientation talk and a short tour of the winery building.  Upon returning from the tour our meals were delivered and we settled in for more visitatation, strolling the grounds and browsing Whispering Oaks' showroom store.  Lot's of photos were taken of our visit and can be seen at CCO's Facebook Group Page by clicking here.  Many thanks to Ed and Sandra as they've 'done it again' by finding another out-of-the-way jewel on the back roads of Florida for us to discover on CCO's exclusive "Taste of Florida Travel Series."  If you've enjoyed the drive & dine events organized by CCO's volunteers, please reach out for them during the event and again the next time we're together and thank them for all they do - tell them you enjoyed the day!  While volunteering to organize events takes time, work and organizational skills, it is very rewarding - especially when the rest of us recognize our very special volunteers for their efforts.  And we'd like to issue a challenge to all CCO'ers to stand up and volunteer to take CCO on another adventure!   

Visit CCO's Facebook Group Page to view Taste of Florida Whispering Oaks Winery Album  

Deleon Springs Picnic a Big Hit!
Deleon Springs Picnic a Big Hit!
Deleon Springs Entrance

Deleon Springs - Saturday April 29 - CCO is known for celebrating just about anything.  The beginning of Summer, the end of Summer. July 4th, Christmas, New Years, Saturdays - you get the idea. So when Mike suggests another Deleon Springs picnic - catered by Sonny's BBQ, Seventy Five CCO'ers show up!  Sun's out Guns out it was last Saturday as CCO enjoyed "pavilion #5" next to the Visitors Center with close

views of hundreds of Floridians getting in and out of 72 degree year-round spring water and Sonny's gracious hosts serving up pork, ribs & chicken with all the fix'ins, sweet tea and garlic toast!  Deserts came next as all in attendance got caught up on everything going on with their CCO friends.   A few (mostly named Stoddard) took dips in the cool springs with sunny skies overhead and 92 degrees on the 

The gang loading up on Sonnys BBQ!
Deleon Springs Mill House and waterfall..

the thermometer.  Thanks to Mike for organizing, Ed for promoting and Susan for collecting $14 times 75 ahead of time!  Yours truly heard from more than one member that the day was a lot of laid-back fun!  That's what we were shooting for!

CCO at the Orlando Magic
CCO at the Orlando Magic

Orlando - April 8 - Amway Arena - Back in the fall of 2016, Howard was approached by Orlando Magic Account Executive, Zack Cervone, about the possibility of a CCO group attending a game.  The offer was good on the wallet, and included an on-court photo after the game.  Ed's activity schedule was tight until the Spring of 2017 so we settled on Saturday April 8, the next to last home game for the 2016-2017 season, for a 6:00PM game with Orlando vs the Indiana Pacers. 

The Magic were in pre-season when we made the commitment and knowing this was to be a 'rebuilding year' for the team, Howard was concerned about interest in seeing a game amongst our members.  We believed however that no matter the game score, when CCO'ers get together, we have fun, so going to a game would be fun no matter who won.  Well, sure enough, the roster began to fill for the event and as the months progressed we continued to talk up the game event at meetings.  Finally we were able to gather enough steam to interest 23 members in an evening in downtown with our 'Orlando Magic...!'  

At game start we filled almost two full rows in the upper bowl and with a pretty high scoring 1st quarter by both teams, we felt things for the Magic were going well.  As the game progressed however, the Pacers began to outpace the Magic - and so, after CCO's name running across the Magnetron at halftime and a lot of pretzels, beer, soda pop and shouting at both teams, the Magic fell to the Pacers 127-112.  Almost at the final buzzer, Zack, our Magic Representative, met us at our upper bowl seats and took us to a freight elevator for a whole group at once ride down to the bottom floor for our photo on the court.  A special "thank you" goes each member who chose to attend the event and to Zack for keeping us seated together and for the group photo.  Zack has invited us back next season.  Details will follow if we choose to offer the Magic as an event in 2018.  Also note everyone on the event roster should have received an email including links to download our on-court group photos.    

CCO's Custom Apparel Store is Open!

Available only to CCO Members logged in at MY CCO, our CCO Custom Apparel links will take members to our vendor's website for orders.  We encourage you to fully read all the details at the Club Store Portal before entering the vendors website.  Check out the Red, White and Blue CCO Team Polo while there and please cosider adding that design in your size today.  Get that Great CCO Club Spirit going!  Begin or add to your custom embroidered CCO apparel wardrobe soon!

Click Logo --> for CCO SPECIFIC and general 2019 NCM Caravan Plans! Requires MY CCO Secure Login - Volunteer Contact information included. 

Thanks to CCO's Most Recent Gold Sponsor - Starling Chevrolet!

CCO's Double Gold Sponsor Nicks Family Diner!

CCO - Lifetime Business Member
Friendship, Family, Fun!


((Check Website, Calendar and your email often to confirm Monthly Meeting location))

Gators Dockside
8969 W Colonial Dr
Ocoee, FL


CCO meets on the third Wednesday of every month except December. Dinner is 5:30 - 7:30, Meeting 7:00 - 8:30pm. At Gators Dockside, attendees enjoy Full-Menu Dining Options!

Get Directions

Meeting Location is Subject to Change Without Notice!  Check Here Often To Confirm!

Come visit us to see what we are all about! 

For More Information Visit our Contact CCO Page.
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